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  • Brands Look Far And Wide For a Niche in Virtual Reality - Even in virtual reality, it seems, there will be no escape from advertising. The Oculus Rift, which is owned by Facebook, won’t be available until early next year, but many of the two billion consumers worldwide who own smartphones can already try out virtual reality on the cheap with Cardboard, a device from Google that folds into a viewer with a slot for a smartphone.

Each month I write a feature for Media Post:CPG, an integrated publishing and content company whose mission is to provide a complete array of resources for media, marketing and advertising professionals. This article first appeared on Media Post: CPG in November 2015.


A Bone With: Ajaye

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The air is crisp, and it’s a time for flannel, sweaters and things that make you feel warm – like beer. Who am I kidding? It’s always time for beer. With 3,500 craft breweries now commanding over 10% of the American beer market1, there is a style and flavor for every day of the week. Here at Smith Brothers Agency, we don’t shy away from things that stray from the norm – and our beer consumption is no exception.


A Bone With: Loki (pronounced low-key)

Christine, David, and Jackie

We are very happy to welcome three new faces into the SBA Family! Christine Morelli, David Johnson, and Jackie Mavin join our production, technology, client service teams, respectively.

Mike and Jamie

We are very happy to welcome Jamie Sylves and Mike Quinn to the Smith Brothers Family! Jamie joins SBA as the Associate Director of PR and Social Media, while Mike was named Digital Development Director.

As fast as the days go, as busy as we get and as demanding as our lives have become, it’s little wonder each and every one of us is looking for something quicker when it comes time to eat. But wouldn’t it be nice if those fast eats could also be healthy ones?

This is the second installment in a multi-blog series outlining the changing face of grocery shopping. Be sure to check out The Magic of Online Grocery Shopping – Coming to a Town Near You to understand why online grocery shopping is ramping up right now.