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Living on the edge in a CPG world.


Variety in the craft beer world is both a gift and a curse. My beer of choice is usually one that I haven’t tried yet. Call it FOMO – but if there is a new beer around, I will go far out of my way for a chance to taste it.


A Beer With:       Dave DiNuzzo


Image Credit: Tony Marghella

The weekend long “hack-a-thon” is an event quite popular in the tech community where participants have grown their skills, turned ideas into apps and started companies. Time and again these events have answered the question of what one can really do in a just a few days – which is to say, a lot. Personally, I’m a huge fan of these events because they push my skill levels and introduce me to new technologies, people and strategies.

A recent eMarketer article noted that, “brand loyalty, not as well-formed among younger shoppers, is more difficult to establish today, as a greater interest in healthier, fresher and organic food among millennials entices them to the perimeter of the store, leaving less money for the branded products in the center aisle.”

While I hate to admit that I fall into a category, this statement couldn’t be a truer representation of me.

Perimeter Shopping Rule

Image Source: http://www.brainpickings.org/2011/11/01/maira-kalman-food-rules/


We are very happy to welcome Dave DiNuzzo and Noah Purdy to the Smith Brothers Family! Both Dave and Noah are joining our expanding Creative team as Social Content Creators.


At the Natural Products Expo West six months ago, the marketing question on every up-and-coming food and beverage brand’s lips was, “what’s happened to my organic Facebook reach?” Every marketer wanted to know if their brand’s crashing social reach numbers were the result of something they were doing wrong, or if others were experiencing the same plummet.

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