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We are very happy to welcome Rachel Norris, Rob Doerzbacher and Josef Bookert to the Smith Brothers Family!

Rachel, Rob, and Josef

Web Design Day 2015 was hosted on June 12, 2015 in our beautiful city of Pittsburgh! Listed below are a few highlights of my day.

Growing up, I associated Stephen King with clowns I wouldn’t want at my birthday party, hotels I wouldn’t want to visit on vacation and prom queens I wouldn’t want to take on a date. But it wasn’t until becoming a copywriter that I discovered King was as much a source of wisdom as he was a supplier of scares. His memoir, On Writing, is among the books I revisit often—particularly because of a quote that comes to mind every time I begin a new project, “Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule.”


A Beer With: Ryan Wilkinson

Last week we launched our blog series exploring America’s favorite breakfast food – “UnbelievaBOWL: The Current State of Cereal – Part One”. Today, we’re back on a #TryItTuesday ready to grab our spoons, dig in a little deeper and see how different cereal brands compared according to the team at Smith Brothers.


We’ve all heard it.

At the end of every cereal commercial from the time we were kids until today – the reminder that the bowl in front of you is “part of a complete, balanced breakfast.”

But with 15% of American’s skipping breakfast entirely, according to a National Center for Health Statistics survey, how important is breakfast anymore? And more specifically – how important is cereal?

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a an emerging network of Internet-connected machines with sensors. Powered by scalable cloud-computing services, these devices are providing us with detailed data that we previously couldn’t have conveniently quantified.

You most likely have one in your pocket. Stuffed with sensors like GPS, altimeters, gyroscopes and wifi, your smartphone is capable of learning all kinds of things about you in an effort to provide you with custom suggestions, or track and quantify your activities.


A Beer With: Kristen Herrmann