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Living on the edge in a CPG world.

If I were asked this question several years ago, more often than not, I would have opted for a content management system (CMS) solution. Systems like WordPress were gaining a lot of popularity at the time, and with its famous “5-minute” installation, I felt it couldn’t be beat.

Facebook Adds Guide, Heatmap Features for 360 Video; New Video Metrics

It’s all video, all the time at Facebook, as the social network Wednesday introduced two tools for publishing 360-degree videos, Guide and Heatmap, along with new video metrics in Page Insights.

Facebook Is Testing Mid-Roll Video Ads In Facebook Live – Facebook has started running tests of mid-roll video ads inside live video broadcasts from top publishing partners, the company confirmed Monday. These are Facebook’s first ads that get served directly inside videos on the social network. “We’re running a small test where a group of publishers have the option to insert a short ad break in their Facebook Live videos,” Facebook said in an e-mail. – AdAge

How does your development team handle testing? Is it a well-documented routine process or is it simply up to the developer working on the website? When do you begin testing? What tools do you use? Do you feel confident after launching a site? These questions were brought to the forefront as our team grew and new members inevitably entered into the enigmatic testing phase on web projects. As a team, we recognized the need to set some ground rules, but were unsure of what it was exactly that we wanted to test. Luckily, the process of creating the rules itself resulted in the answer.

Facebook’s live videos can now be twice as long

The company’s livestreaming platform, Facebook Live, will now support full screen broadcasts as well as a new “video-only” mode that hides comments and reactions while you watch. Facebook will also allow broadcasts to last up to four hours — double the two-hour limit it previously had. Fullscreen video will be a welcome improvement to broadcasters and viewers alike, as the update will mean that you no longer have to watch videos on your phone with the white comments box stuck underneath. Similarly, the “video-only” mode will allow users to watch live video streams while hiding the comments and reactions that appear on top of the video content. – Mashable

Pokémon Go Tops Twitter’s Daily Users, Sees More Engagement than Facebook

Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time. The game is now the biggest game ever in the U.S.; it has now topped Twitter’s daily users, and it sees people spending more time in its app than in Facebook, according to reports from various tracking firms. On Monday, Pokémon Go saw just under 21 million daily active users in the U.S., topping Candy Crush’s rumored peak audience in 2013 as well as other top games like Draw Something, Clash Royale, and Slither.io, which hit their own peaks in various years. – TechCrunch

“Digital interactions influence 64 cents of every dollar spent.” This tweet-worthy stat was just one of the many interesting facts shared at last week’s third-annual Social Media Day event, which drew more than 150 socially-active attendees. They came to learn about the rise of influencers – a hot topic in today’s marketing landscape and a critical component to deliver more meaningful digital engagements.

Facebook Is Using Phone Location to Suggest Friends

All sorts of acquaintances appear on the “People You May Know” section of Facebook: there’s the person you went on one Tinder date with, the friend you know deleted you after Brexit and, now it seems, the person you walked past on the street. – Telegraph

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