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Emojis. They’ve exploded onto the digital communications landscape, quickly replacing every emoticon smiley, wink and outcry. We can’t escape them. So what place, if any, do they have in advertising?


A Bone With: Finn


A Bone With: Harlow

Hey all, we’re back.

Apologies for the delay in getting the final installment of UnbelievaBOWL: The Current State of Cereal to you – but the blog life isn’t easy. SBA’s been busy over the last few weeks. In fact, how about a shameless plug for the awesome project that took the cereal team out of the grocery aisles?

Check out what we’ve been up to in this AdWeek article.

Awesome, right? But now – back to the regularly scheduled breakfast broadcast.


A Bone With: Luma

A Bone with Atticus

A Bone With: Atticus

Like it or heart it, no matter your relationship status with social media it’s now a part of our daily lives – both personal and professional. So for the second year, Smith Brothers Agency brought together a diverse group of speakers to celebrate Social Media Day in our Left Field Meeting Space.

Fancy Food Expo

Echoing a trend from this year’s Natural Products Expo West, healthy snacking was on everyone’s minds at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, which took place June 28-30 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.