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There’s a reason to celebrate every day. January 19th is popcorn day. The middle child gets 24 hours of attention on August 12th. Bat Appreciation is celebrated on April 17th.  And there is even a day devoted to Waffle Irons on June 29th.

Embarrassingly enough, we’ve all probably created content around at least one of these made-up holidays at one point in our advertising careers. So it’s only natural that June 30th is set aside to celebrate social media!


I had the pleasure of speaking at Pittsburgh TechFest again this year, which took place back in early June, and it was amazing! This was my second year as a presenter and I was slotted for the late afternoon to close out the day. It’s a rough time slot but I viewed it as a great opportunity to make an impact at the end of the conference.

On June 30, Constantine James (@consjames) from Twitter visited the SBA office for Pittsburgh’s official 2014 Social Media Day. Early in the day, Constantine treated SBAers to a small scale free-form chat after he tried his first ever Primanti Bros. sandwich – cap & cheese. We drilled him with questions about what’s next for Twitter and how we can continue to rock (and grow) our brands on the platform. During the main event, Constantine was the keynote speaker and talked about the state of Twitter and what’s trending in Pittsburgh.

Shana A Beer With

A Beer With: Shana Braun

A few weeks ago, the SBA Wellness Committee held our very first Healthy Potluck. For weeks beforehand, people were buzzing about this event, and it was well worth the wait.