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4Twelve Productions Team

We are pleased to announce that Smith Brothers Agency has acquired 4Twelve Productions in a strategic move to deepen the agency’s content creation and in-house video capabilities. The acquisition will seamlessly integrate 4Twelve’s talented video production team into Smith Brother’s existing award-winning Content Studio, which provides clients with full-service solutions for content creation and digital marketing.

Facebook Creates Online Creative Hub In A Bid To Simplify Creation of Ads

Facebook ads, like those on many platforms, started out relatively simple. But as Facebook has rolled out ad products at a growing clip, some of the products have changed the way brands and agencies need to approach creative, especially in mobile. To help marketers keep ads coming, not to mention make the shift to mobile advertising, the company is now introducing Creative Hub, an online platform for agencies, brands and anyone involved in the creation of ads on Facebook, really, to share, review, test and create ads on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. Facebook is billing it as an online space meant to foster collaboration. – AdAge

Facebook rolls out temporary News Feed posts that can be hidden from your timeline

“The new ‘Hide from Timeline’ option allows users to publish a post only on their News Feed, consequently concealing it from their dedicated Timeline where content is saved permanently. Facebook has always offered its users customization options as to who can see a post — these include ‘public,’ ‘friends,’ and ‘only me,’ among others — allowing you to effectively hide content from your Timeline. The new feature, however, lets you simply publish your content directly to your News Feed without having to bother with additional tools.” – Digital Trends

Snapchat’s Redesigning Discover to Make it More Like a Newsstand

Snapchat’s top publishing partners, the ones who get exclusive access to the Discover section, are preparing for a redesign which could give them more ways to show off their content. It might not seem like much, but Discover still only captures a small portion of Snapchat’s more than 100 million daily viewers, who are mostly there to message with friends. Snapchat and publishers would like to get more of them into Snapchat Discover stories, because it’s where most of the ads run. “The big redesign is going to let us create cover images, and pull out individual content and point to the content inside, instead of just our logo,” one publishing source said. The redesign is expected to be announced publicly next week, according to Venture Beat.

Facebook Makes Retargeted Ads Available for Instagram One of the fastest growing and smartest ways to use Facebook ads is through retargeting – focusing on people who’ve already visited your website, thereby reaching users who’ve expressed a level of interest in what your company provides. Dynamic ads on Instagram let you promote the right products to the right person at the right time. When someone visits your website or mobile app, then later looks at Instagram, they’ll be served an ad featuring multiple, related products from ones they were browsing on your site or app. – Social Media Day

Instagram Business Profiles Test Now Features Analytics

Instagram scheduling tool Later shared the iOS screenshots in a blog post, and offered details on the available information to profiles with access to these features. According to Later, Instagram business profiles now feature a chart icon in the upper-right-hand-corner, giving them access to analytics.

Available analytics include:

  • Location: follower locations by country or city.
  • Gender and age of followers.
  • Insights, which includes impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity (most popular times of day or days of the week when the profile’s followers are using Instagram).
  • Top Posts: posts sorted by impressions over a seven-day or 30-day period, as well as the ratio of post views to followers.

Facebook Changes News Feed To Favor Time Spent, Publisher Diversity

Once again, Facebook is changing how it organizes the News Feed. Facebook announced a number of tweaks to the News Feed algorithm today. The social network is putting greater emphasis on engagement time, or how long people tend to spend on a given post. While liking or commenting on a post is one indication that the social network uses to shuffle the News Feed, it’s not the full picture of what the user wants. People don’t typically like or comment on everything they read after all, so moving forward, Facebook will prioritize posts based on how long users spent on similar posts from the author or publisher in the past. To inform these tweaks, Facebook will rely on data it’s been collecting on how long people spend on Instant Articles or clicked through on its mobile browser. – Digiday

Ashley, Carly, Beth, and Lindsay

Smith Brothers is excited to announce the addition of Ashley Sieniawski, Carly McLeod, Beth Anderson, and Lindsay Motta!

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