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The Pittsburgh Marathon is fast approaching and people all over the city are in their last few weeks of training. Despite the bitterly cold winter, enthusiasm for this year’s event is high. The full and half marathon sold out in mid-March.

I thought it would be interesting to ask everyone at SBA who is participating in the races to talk a bit about their training plan and which CPG product they simply can’t train without.

All in all there are 8 of us participating in the race this year. As you will see below, it seems like most people here rely on tech gadgets as their go-to training product.

The hapless male is a common trope in sitcoms and in advertising.  He’s plump, mostly well-meaning, but so completely lacking in common sense that it’s a marvel he’s survived to adulthood.  He’s a stock character, appearing over the past couple of decades, live and animated, in shows like The King of Queens, Last Man Standing, According to Jim, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show – the list goes on.

Here he is, making a cameo appearance in a Discover ad from 2013. He can’t pay bills on time.  He goes out to buy milk and comes back with a puppy.  He just doesn’t think. If it weren’t for his wife, and the Discover it Card, he could barely function.


Picture this: It’s Easter morning and you have a basket full of goodies. After you toss aside the fake grass and jellybeans, you hit the jackpot – chocolate bunnies. Oh yeah, there are so many of them! Your mind starts to work in overdrive and you don’t know which one to munch on first. Some are hollow andsome are solid, but all of them are equally amazing… or are they?


Chia seeds are IN! People are no longer just growing verdant pets, but blending these heart-healthy seeds into smoothies, sprinkling them on salads & soups and transforming the raw seeds into a porridge-like breakfast or snack option (That’s what SBA did!). However, if you do not want to work with the raw seeds and cook them, not to worry. They are finding their ways into drinks, chocolate, food bars and even cookies! Dole actually chose chia as the first ingredient it would promote in its new Nutrition Plus line of products, which aim to provide a functional benefit to consumers (NY Times).


A Beer With: Steve Hay

Beer Selection: Boont Amber Ale from Anderson Valley Brewing Company – https://avbc.com/our-beers/boont-amber-ale/