If I didn’t love the agency business so much, I might be tempted. The offers are so enticing. “Work from home! Earn up to $500 a day!”

Illegal “bandit” roadside advertising seems unavoidable these days. In my short 15 minute commute, I probably pass hundreds of these corrugated plastic signs with their bright red and orange letters.

We Buy Houses!

They litter the landscape like weeds: “We buy ugly houses!”

They prey on human insecurities: “Lose 10 lbs. in 1 week!”

They take advantage of the destitute: “Sell your gold for cash!”

They promise everything: “Get out of debt overnight!”

And they sell the impossible: “Affordable health insurance!”

They’re stapled to telephone poles. Duct taped to fences. Zip-tied to road signs.

Not only are they aesthetically offensive, but the gratuitous use of exclamation points would make any Art Director shudder. We prefer no punctuation at all. They also likely pose a dangerous distraction from traffic signs and signals at busy intersections. (I think I just became my parents while writing this blog post.)

I know many states have laws that prohibit “bandit” sign postings, and some have regulations restricting where you can place them. In Orange County Florida, code enforcement officers removed 8,961 signs from the streets in just one month.

To me, it seems obvious that this message medium only hurts the credibility of the advertiser. But unfortunately online spam senders learned long ago that someone WILL bite if you send out enough emails.

Perhaps my least favorite has to be this Queen Bee equivalent: “Signs like this one! Call now!”

Bronson S
Bronson S
Partner and Co-Creative Director

Bronson is a highly recognized creative director and art director who has created award winning print and broadcast campaigns for both local and national advertisers. He got his first taste of advertising at Della Femina McNamee/Pittsburgh where, as an assistant art director, he worked on Pittsburgh Brewing Company's Iron City and I.C. Light Beer campaigns, Stouffers Frozen foods and LaCroix beverages.

A few years later, Bronson departed Pittsburgh for Parsons School of design and a two-year stint as an art director at Young & Rubicam/Paris. There, he developed a taste for strong, black coffee and worked on campaigns for American Express, Kodak, Smirnoff and Virgin Megastores. After Paris, Bronson (no longer sporting a beret) joined Lindsey at Avrett Free & Ginsberg in New York City to work on campaigns for Meow Mix, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Crayola, Clairol, Mistic Beverages and George Dickel Whiskey.

Before co-founding Smith Brothers, Bronson served as vice president, chief creative officer at US Interactive (USI) where he supervised and produced corporate identities and ad campaigns for adidas, Columbia House, Comedy Central, The National Football League, Sprint Business, RCA, Unum Insurance, Deloitte & Touche and Martha Stewart.
Bronson holds a BFA degree from Ohio Wesleyan University.