Ashley A Beer With

A Beer With: Ashley Rader

Beer Selection: Curious Traveler Summer Shandy (The lemon one!)

Why Did You Select This Beer?: Summer Shandy is my go-to summer drink


  • Describe yourself in five (or so) words: Kind, out-going, fashionable, fun-loving and punctual
  • The Last Book You Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Best or worst gift you’ve ever received:  My puppy, Finnegan!
  • What is your go-to karaoke song: Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline (with pom poms, of course!)
  • What’s something that is on your bucket list: Run a full marathon (I’ve done the half!)
  • What superpower would you choose: I’d like to be able to become invisible – when needed
  • If you were in the Ms. America pageant, what would you excel in: Talent portion – I can tap dance
  • Oddest job ever: A traveling cheerleading coach
  • Favorite Toy As a Kid: American Girl dolls
  • Something that you keep at your desk: I always have hand lotion and gum
  • First concert: Nsync for my 12th birthday
  • If you weren’t in advertising, what would you be doing? I’d most likely be working in the non-profit sector


  • What are your favorite apps? RunKeeper and OpenTable.
    Who is your #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or MCM (Man Crush Monday)? Gisele Bündchen and Adam Levine
  • Do you take #Selfies? Nope
  • Favorite social networks?  Instagram and SnapChat.
  • iPhone or Android? iPhone
  • Mac or PC? Mac
  • How do you use Facebook?  To look at pictures


  • Toilet paper: over or under? Over
  • Where do you do your grocery shopping? Giant Eagle and/or Market District
  • Tea or coffee? Coffee!
  • Ketchup or Ranch? Heinz Ketchup
  • If you could eat just one food every day for a month and nothing else, what would it be?  Pasta. Definitely, pasta
Ashley Rader
Ashley Rader
Senior Account Executive

Ashley joined the Client Service team at SBA in July of 2013. She is a highly creative and multi-talented marketer with 3+ years of experience in digital and traditional advertising. Ashley began her career as an account management intern while in college. Since then she has worked on some larger CPG brands including Aquafresh, TUMS, Sensodyne, Pronamel, Nicorette, NicoDerm CQ, Drumstick and Red Bull. She is knowledgeable of the latest trends and enjoys researching new and upcoming market strategies.
Ashley is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and a minor in Political Science.