The 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon is taking place this weekend; to make sure all of the runners at Smith Brothers were prepared the SBA Wellness Team scheduled a Lunch and Learn about running. We asked Brad Henderson, President of the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, avid marathon runner and triathlete, and neighbor to discuss some tips for preparation and recovery.

Some of the key points to remember this weekend:

Get plenty of rest leading up the race.
In the days leading up to the race try to go to bed an hour earlier. Having plenty of rest in the days before the race will help you keep up your energy during the run.

Make sure you hydrate, before and during the race.
Proper hydration is key. You want to hydrate throughout the week leading up, and the day of the race. Before the race think about your hydration plan, review the race map to see where the hydration stations will be and at what stations you want to stop for a drink. Whether you stop at every station, or a few key spots in the run, its important to hydrate throughout the race.

Don’t change anything from your practice runs.
It’s tempting to get a new outfit, energy chew or sports drink to optimize your run for the big day, but it’s important to be consistent with your training. You never know how your body will react to new foods or drinks while running, even changing the quantity of something familiar can make you uncomfortable during your run. Go for a test run in the clothes you plan on wearing, check what drinks they have at the hydration stations and be sure you’ve had them before, stick with what your body knows.


Eat something after the race.
Having a small meal/snack after your run will help with recovery. Once you cross the finish line be sure to have a banana or some chocolate milk, even something small will help you recover.

Get out and move the day after.
Be sure to get a little light activity the day after the race. Your body is normally the most sore 48 hours after the race so a walk, easy run or bike ride the day after the race will help with your recovery.

The most important take away was to listen to your body and enjoy the day. There are a number of race levels and events the weekend of the marathon pick the one that is right for you and have fun!

Good luck runners!

April Tantalo
April Tantalo
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