Web Design Day 2015 was hosted on June 12, 2015 in our beautiful city of Pittsburgh! Listed below are a few highlights of my day.

  1. Aaron Gustafson taking a totally mundane subject – html forms – and transforming it into one of the most useful and informative talks I’ve ever heard. Forms! Who knew you could do so much?
  2. Yesenia Perez-Cruz showcasing that she’s not your ordinary web designer – she thinks about things like developer’s feelings. And really fast performing websites.
  3. Pittsburgher Patrick Fulton connecting his journeys of long-distancing running, punk rock and web development. He showed us a pretty awesome photo of his college student I.D., too.
  4. Learning the origin of Samantha Warren’s Style Tile process at a workshop before the main event on Thursday.
    Samantha and I discussing why my search bar prototype could be described using the adjective ‘fast’. photo credit: Web Design Day Samantha and I discussing how my search bar prototype could be described using the adjective ‘fast’. [Oops, I drew it in pencil.]
    photo credit: Web Design Day
  5. Jason and Val Head doing an amazing job of hosting Web Design Day 2015, supplying the attendees with Franktuary hot dogs, and of course, Val head’s never-ending cache of ’dad jokes’.

What an amazing day! I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference.

Tina Castillo
Tina Castillo
Senior Designer & Front End Developer

A web developer and designer who loves to merge form with function, Tina specializes in user-interface design and front-end development. She has previously worked as a web developer at the University of Pittsburgh and a web design instructor at CCAC. She has built and launched many award-winning websites for the university’s schools and departments. At Smith Brothers Agency, she works on almost every digital account - working with the team to create and maintain our websites. She holds a B.A. in Digital Media Arts and a M.S. in Media Technology from Duquesne University.