A Bone With: Luma

Bone selection: Rawhide Twist

What do you plan to do with this bone: Lick it a few times. Maybe ignore it. Or fall asleep on it.



Describe your average day in five (or so) words: Find soft places to snooze.

Do you know any tricks: I do this thing where I put my paw in the air. I don’t know what it means, but it tends to win me prizes.

Favorite thing about coming to the office: For some reason, nobody that works here likes pizza crust. Which is fine, because I love it.

Story behind your name: I’m named after an awesome town in California called Petaluma (where Lagunitas beer is brewed). I don’t know much about beer, but my humans sure love it.



Annoying social habit: Lip smacking and snarfing. That’s right: snarfing.

Instagram or Facebook: Definitely Instagram. My mom loves to put my toothless smile all over the internet.

Dogs or people: Anything but cats.

Best or worst walk you’ve been on: Hiking in Ohiopyle. Except I don’t really like hiking. I’m really just there for the sniffing.



Wet food or dry: Dry. But the key word is “food.” As long as I can eat it, we’re good.

Favorite treat: Anything that comes off my mom’s plate. She’s a sucker!

Favorite toy: Toys are for puppies. I’m perfectly content in my bed.

What was on the last plate you licked: Yogurt? It might have had granola. I ate it too fast to notice.

Nora DiNuzzo
Nora DiNuzzo
Director Of Business Development

Nora leads business development efforts for SBA, introducing the agency to prospective clients and partners through outreach and engagement. She began her career in client service, but quickly realized that new business was the most exciting place to flex her strategic, creative and organizational management skills. With over a decade of experience, Nora has contributed to hundreds of pitches – and has stayed in at least one very strange hotel along the way. She holds a B.A. in Communication & Rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh.