A Bone With: Finn

Bone selection: Bully Stick

What do you plan to do with this bone: Well, it’s not going to eat itself, is it?



Describe your average day in five (or so) words: Sleep, eat, poop, yawn, repeat.

Do you know any tricks: I’m familiar with the basics: shake, sit and down. But if we’re going to call them tricks, I’m ready to be taught some actual magic. Can’t somebody show me how to pull a dog biscuit from behind my ear?

Favorite thing about coming to the office: There’s a woman named Nora who has an endless supply of treats. I don’t know what she does, but she’s clearly the most important person at the agency.

Story behind your name: I don’t know the story behind my name, but you’re welcome to follow me around for a day.



Annoying social habit: I’m told my sniffing can sometimes get inappropriate.

Instagram or Facebook: Have you seen this face? Clearly, I belong on camera.

Dogs or people: Remember what I told you about Nora? I rest my case.

Best or worst walk you’ve been on: Three days ago, I had the best walk of my life. But that was surpassed by the walk from two days ago. And then there was the walk that happened yesterday—and that one was outstanding. It also seems that we’re about to go on a walk now. I’m sure this one absolutely be the best. Unless, maybe we go on a walk tomorrow.



Wet food or dry: It’s all wet once it goes down, isn’t it?

Favorite treat: Once again, I’ll refer you to Nora: Whatever she’s been stockpiling.

Favorite toy: I don’t like to play favorites, but tennis balls are out of this world.

What was on the last plate you licked: Spaghetti sauce. Why? Do you know where I can get some more?

Kristina Korade
Kristina Korade

Kristina works in our Finance Department as the Accounting/Business Coordinator where she diligently manages the agency billings and payables and enjoys interacting with our clients and vendors. She has been with Smith Brothers since 2008.

Kristina is a native of Pittsburgh and an alumni of the University of Pittsburgh. She loves bringing her Beagle mix, Finn, to the office with her.