A Bone With: Loki (pronounced low-key)

Bone selection: Twisty rawhides – nom nom nom.

What do you plan to do with this bone: Chew this until my puppy teeth stop hurting. Or it falls off the couch. Or I found something else to chew.


Describe your average day in five (or so) words: Cuddles. Potty. PLAY! Sleep. More cuddles. PLAY! Sleep. Potty. Fighting sleep. PLAY MORE! Sleep.

Do you know any tricks: For a young thing – I’m heading to the top of the class. I’m only a few months old and I already know sit, paw (I’m ambidextrous, NBD), lay and hug (which is my favorite). And my momma tries to make me heel frequently on a walk. What the heck is that about? Um…wanna play?

Favorite thing about coming to the office: Oh my goodness! Playing with people, sniffing the smells, playing with fur pals, and eating the treats. Wait. My favorite thing? I can’t decide. Wanna play?

Story behind your name: So, apparently there are these Norse mythological people. And Loki is their god of troublemaking and mischief. I don’t get it. Boxers are the most serious breed I know. I don’t misbehave ever. Ever! So, do you wanna play?


Annoying social habit: I’m uh…a 100% purebred boxer. Some of my fur pals have a thing with my pawing habits.

Instagram or Facebook: Hello, Instagram. You can follow me on @lady_loki_the_boxer

Dogs or people: Dog people? Yay! Wanna play?

Best or worst walk you’ve been on: This one time, I discovered goose poop. THAT’s a pretty stellar walk experience if you ask me.


Wet food or dry: Dry – but with warmed chicken broth and a bit of cottage cheese or yogurt. I also don’t mind a bit of warm butter.

Favorite treat: All the treats.

Favorite toy: Wiffle balls! They bounce and slide and skid and hide and skip. Phew. WIFFLE BALLS! Wanna play?

What was on the last plate you licked: Plates? You mean puppies can eat off plates? Dogs eat PEOPLE food?! (large dramatic pause) MOM!!

Laura Forester
Laura Forester
Senior Social Media & PR Strategist

Laura is responsible for developing and executing channel initiatives for a number of national and local brands. Her approach to content and digital strategy reflects a desire to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to publishing. She also supports the team in more traditional communications efforts, as well. Laura has 10 years of experience working with local and regional clients and media outlets in consumer and corporate accounts for boutique and top-tier creative agencies both regionally and globally. She has excellent planning and organization skills and a fearless commitment to creative results. Her positive outlook keeps her department smiling and motivated. Laura is a graduate of George Washington University with degrees in English and Philosophy. She also holds a Masters from Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland.