A Bone With: Ajaye

Bone selection: Elk antlers – mmmm.

What do you plan to do with this bone: Chew it until it’s completely gone — or my gums bleed. Whichever comes first. And I definitely won’t be sharing with my fur-brother Hercules.


Describe your average day in five (or so) words: I cuddle with my big brother Herc while my mom and dad are at work.

Do you know any tricks: I can cover the basics with verbal commands as well as hand signals (sit, stay, down, paw, come when called, heal, speak). My mom also taught me some advanced obedience stuff, but I don’t really remember too much of that.

Favorite thing about coming to the office: Sitting on the big purple couch and staring at all the people outside. I also love barking at the ice cream man when he comes to the office to replenish the stash.

Story behind your name: My mom tells me that she wanted to call me A.J because it sounded athletic and tough. Not sure I believe her — I’m definitely not tough.


Annoying social habit: Grinding my teeth when I stretch. My mom also says that my backwards sneeze is terrifying, but I can’t help it – I have seasonal allergies!

Instagram or Facebook: Definitely Insta.

Dogs or people: People – 100%. I think I’m better than other dogs and feel the need to show them who’s boss. All the time.

Best or worst walk you’ve been on: This one time when we lived in Brooklyn, NY – I remember walking through our neighborhood and seeing a weird man who was talking to himself and acting a bit erratic. As we got closer, he started yelling at me and I figured it was OK to try and scare him away. I totally won.


Wet food or dry: Dry – wet food reminds me of that awful stuff you feed to cats. YUCK.

Favorite treat: Cheese, but I’m not allowed to have too much of it because it makes my tummy hurt.

Favorite toy: Any of my human brother Levi’s stuffed animals – but I really love his monkey that has beads in the hands and feet! It’s heavy and I like to shake it around!

What was on the last plate you licked: Chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese –Levi decided he didn’t want the rest of his dinner, so he threw me the whole plate! We have a special relationship like that.

Jackie Mavin
Jackie Mavin
Senior Account Executive

A well-rounded communicator with 5+ years of advertising, public relations and marketing experience, Jackie Mavin joins SBA as a Senior Account Executive. Jackie has worked in marketing across several categories, including CPG, financial services, health care, higher education and B2B technology. She has contributed to global campaigns in many different roles – account management, strategy, PR and social media. In addition to her extensive work on brands such as The Art Institutes, Musselman’s Apple Sauce and Apple Butter, Lucky Leaf Pie Filling and WesBanco, Jackie has served First National Bank, Philips Respironics, Fidessa, ANSYS Inc., and more. Jackie is a graduate of Slippery Rock University with a B.A. in Communication.