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All Facebook Verified Pages Can Now Stream Live Video

Verified accounts on Facebook will now be able to stream live video from their account.  Back in August, Facebook introduced “Live” to users of the Facebook Mentions app – an app version of Facebook only available to verified users such as celebrities, journalists, and other public figures.  This feature is now available for all verified users via the iOS app.

5 Social Media Trends Marketers Won’t Be Able to Ignore in 2016

As 2016 approaches, so too do the next evolutions of social media.  AdAge explores some of the top trends that will be impossible to ignore in 2016 including the rise of messaging platforms as the next big thing in social, how ad-blocking will become mainstream and force brands to rethink the role of digital in their marketing ecosystem, and how video will continue to grow and change the social content space – including virtual reality. – Ad Age

Twitter to Test Showing Ads to Logged-Out Users

Every month, 300+ MM users log in to Twitter to post and consume updates on what’s going on in their world.  However, even more users, over 500MM according to Twitter, visit the site without logging in – just to consume content.  To capture this missed ad revenue opportunity, Twitter is beginning testing showing ads to users visiting the site without logging in, which includes users referred to the network via Google.  The move could increase Twitter’s reach by nearly 3x. – Ad Age

Snapchat Outranks Instagram as the Fastest Growing Social Network Among US Millennials

A recent study by Harvard University revealed that Snapchat is growing at a rate of 8% per year, besting Instagram’s 7% growth.  36% of Americans age 18-29 have a Snapchat account, encroaching on Twitter’s 38% and Instagram’s 46%.  Facebook is still the most widespread at 81%, but growth is slim. – International Business Times

Twitter is Testing a Facebook-Style Timeline. People Already Hate It.

Twitter users are beginning to notice their tweets are beginning to appear out of chronological order, long a stalwart feature of the social network.   Twitter spokesmen confirmed that the network was indeed testing ways to filter and deliver content to improve user experiences, but many users are rejecting the seemingly random algorithmic choices, which seem to be breaking chronological order.  Some users are asking, “If algorithmic timelines are really Twitter’s future… Why not just use Facebook instead?” – Slate.com

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