A Bone With: Leon

Bone selection: Bully Stick

What do you plan to do with this bone: I am going to eat this bone in under ten minutes and then ask for another one.



Describe your average day in five (or so) words: Eat, sleep, pee, eat, sleep

Do you know any tricks: I can sit, but I’m told looking cute is my greatest trick.

Favorite thing about coming to the office: Sitting in front of the kitchen. This nice lady, Jackie, also has a drawer full of treats.

Story behind your name: My mom has terrible taste in music.



Annoying social habit: I’m a shameless beggar. Hey – if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Instagram or Facebook: Instagram – I look great in sepia tones.

Dogs or people: People with chicken.

Best or worst walk you’ve been on: Is there such thing as a bad walk?



Wet food or dry: Wet, but I’m good with food in general really.

Favorite treat: ALL OF THE TREATS.

Favorite toy: My squeaky dinosaur, obviously.

What was on the last plate you licked: Spaghetti and meatballs – my mom says I’m Italian.

Christine Morelli
Christine Morelli

Joining SBA as a Producer, Christine Morelli has experience in both Account and Project Management. She’s worked on accounts such as Dean Foods, Range Resources, #1 Cochran and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. Christine holds a B.S in Advertising Communications from Gannon University in Erie, PA.