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In advertising, it is easy to get caught up in large scale design with so many moving parts to a campaign, website, social content, or whatever it may be. Amazing work can be accomplished thinking big picture and that’s great. However, what if that picture was much smaller? What if was just a single letter?

For the past three years I have taken a strong interest in typography and even more so exploring design with pure typographic elements. Naturally, I was drawn to the website http://www.thetypefight.com/. They do a really awesome job of comparing beautifully designed letters and making it easy to vote. So I took a page from their book and started a little design competition in inside the SBA office.

The rules to SBA Type Fight are simple. Both designers have to design the same letter and that’s it. No title, no name association, no description, just purely objective design critique. The medium, size, and display is up to each designer respectively. You can expect everything from physical drawings, wood work, cross stitchings, collages and other multi-medium pieces. The contender’s letters get pinned up for a week while the agency votes for the best letter. At the end of the week, the votes are tallied and a winner is determined.

the letter "e"

Shuhei’s minimalist take overcame Tina’s colorful palette. Naturally, our brains are great at making binary decisions really quick. Yes or no. The lack of context has made for great conversation pieces and gives the viewer something to think about. This side by side comparison forces the trivial question “What makes one better than the other?”. The question challenges viewers at a deeper level even though there are only two options.

Here are the previous winners to date.

The letter "a"

April was the first to take the paperless approach and she brought home the winner’s badge.

The letter "s"

Kristen proved herself a formidable opponent in the first fight with this retrograde minimal “S”.

 So far the schedule is loaded up to take us into 2016. You can follow @SmithBrosAgency or find #sbatypefight on twitter to catch the winners.


David Johnson
David Johnson
Front End Web Developer

David Johnson joins the SBA development team as a Front End Web Developer. At his last agency, Marc USA, he touched many facets of interactive advertising for blue chip clients like Pennsylvania Lottery, Rite Aid, True Value and Gold Eagle. He takes pride in finding solutions to unique problems while maintaining a high standard for user experience and accessibility. David is an enthusiastic alum of Pittsburgh Technical Institute where he studied Multimedia Technologies.