Lindsey and Amanda

Please join us in welcoming Lindsey Knight and Amanda Gribble to Smith Brothers! Lindsey expands the agency’s customer relationship management capabilities as Senior Manager of Direct Marketing and CRM, while Amanda joins the agency as an Account Director.

Lindsey brings more than 15 years of experience developing and executing comprehensive marketing and one-to-one strategies. Lindsey’s passion for helping her clients develop a strong brand relationship with their customers keeps her poised for driving profitable customer retention and growth for all her clients. For more than five years she worked on the Rite Aid Pharmacy business, and has also worked on PA Lottery, Nature Made, Cooper Tires, Make-A-Wish, Gold Eagle, and Health Alliance to name a few. Lindsey is a graduate of Kent State University with a B.A. in Business Administration. She is an Ohio native, loves spending time with her husband and son, and is a first-time beekeeper.

Amanda Gribble brings to SBA a variety of experience in advertising, public relations, social media, journalism and broadcasting. It is this broad knowledge base that fuels her passion for finding new ways to connect people to things that will make them happy. Amanda’s most recent effort was helping to launch a new regional healthcare brand. She’s also had successes for clients such as Pennsylvania Lottery, The Hartford, PhRMA, and for clients in other industries such as law, tourism, insurance, and more. Amanda’s first career was a journalist, working on-air and as a news director in the Midwest and New England and as a magazine editor. She’s won a few writing awards and started her career in advertising as a copywriter. Amanda has a journalism degree from West Virginia University, is trained as a Pilates instructor and while writing is her primary passion, she also loves creating fine foods to share with friends.

Smith Brothers
Smith Brothers

Tinker. Meddle. Find what works – this time! While most agencies stand behind a single, definitive approach to developing work, we reject the notion of process as a static thing. We consider a deep understanding of the client’s business, their consumer and especially their category to be fundamental to our process. Non-negotiable. But getting to the best work is seldom a straight shot – a linear path. And it shouldn’t be. When you kick off every project by asking, “What are the category conventions and how can we break them?” you have to be open to a fresh approach.