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Facebook Will Start Automatically Captioning Video Ads

In an effort to increase video ad effectiveness, Facebook will start automatically captioning video ads on their platform. While brands have always been able to add in captions to assist their ads that auto-play with the sound off, now Facebook is offering to do it for you. The company has shared internal testing showing a 12% rise in average view time for the captioned videos. This feature is expected to roll out later this month.

Twitter’s New Video Ads Will Greet Visitors Right Away Every Day

The newest ad format on Twitter will act like a Homepage Takeover, showing video ads they call “First View” to users upon opening the app or logging into the desktop site. This comes alongside a controversial decision to apply algorithms to users’ feeds. There is no word yet on whether First View ads will be purchased via flat fee or as impressions are served, but it is sure to be a high visibility placement.

Instagram Will Start Displaying Video Views in a Push for More Ads

Instagram has begun reporting the new metrics of video views on their platform this week in an effort to give marketers a better idea of how many people really watch their video clips. The measure for a view will be the same 3-second rule as Facebook. The news comes as Facebook continues to make a play for marketers’ video dollars shifting from TV.

Google to Ban all Flash Ads Beginning in 2017

The bad news keeps getting worse for Flash, as Google announced it would completely end allowing Flash Banners on January 2nd, 2017. This builds on Google’s decision last August to pause all Flash ads on its popular Chrome browser along with Mozilla’s Firefox. Google is urging advertisers to use the safer, more mobile-friendly HTML5 moving forward. They are not alone, either, as sites like Amazon and the New York Times no longer rely on the technology. Even Flash parent Adobe is pushing users to Animate CC, an HTML5-based technology.

Alex Davis
Alex Davis
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