Brands as chatty friends: Are chatbots ‘the beginning of a new Internet’?

Microsoft’s recent chatbot PR disaster notwithstanding, brands are on the cusp of a bot explosion. ‘The speed to adoption is being compressed right now,’ said Pete Sena, founder at agency Digital Surgeons. ‘Brands know now that the No. 1 thing that they can compete on is experience—and chatbots, done properly, can really add value there.’ It is also an opportunity for brands to come off as more than a mere service provider, as a knowledgeable friend too, said Ben Kosinski, head of The Collaboratory at iCrossing. ‘It’s smart for the brand to go where the users are and create a presence on these platforms, while providing relevant and personalized one-to-one conversations with consumers.’ — Digiday

Twitter Is Making It Easier for Big Brands to Target Smaller Groups

“Twitter is adding sub-layers to ad campaigns, making it easier for larger brands to better target and monitor advertising on the social media platform. The company updated its ads editor to include an Ad Groups function that lets marketers reach smaller segments within a larger group with more detailed targeting criteria and target-specific creative.” — Ad Week

Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It’s Really Worth Billions

“Nearly three dozen designers and engineers have spent the past several months tearing out the skeleton of Pinterest’s iOS app and rebuilding it. They’ve rethought its design, down to the font. The effort has paid off. Now, as we talk, the bugs are mostly gone. The pins are loading two or three times faster. The point is to make Pinterest much bigger by making it less of a big deal—less flashy, easier to use, and more of a utility. If more people spend more time browsing pins, it stands to reason advertisers will be drawn to spend more money on the site, too.” — Wired

Teens are ditching Instagram for Snapchat at a stunning rate

“Snapchat has caught up to and surpassed Instagram as the app of choice for teens, according to a new survey by investment bank Piper Jaffray. In fall 2015, Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual survey of 6,500 US teens showed that 33% of them considered Instagram their most important social network. By this spring, that number had fallen to 27%. The story for Snapchat is the complete opposite. In fall 2015, just 19% of teens said it was their most important social network. That ballooned to 28% this spring, edging out Instagram. Twitter continued its slow decline, while Facebook saw a slight bump.” — Business Insider

Shannon Sankey
Shannon Sankey
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Shannon applies classical creative writing training to her many roles in digital strategy and creative. Poetry and marketing are married in her world: in both arts, she works to locate and arrange concise and engaging language to evoke a response.

She functioned independently as the copy and digital strategy department in a growing agency in Greensburg, PA, where she expanded agency capabilities in content, social, paid media, PR, and analytics. She went on to a corporate environment in Pittsburgh to establish and optimize social identity for high-profile executives and associated brands. Now, while pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Chatham University, she’s excited to contribute to a dynamic team and challenging projects at Smith Brothers Agency.