Facebook Is Using Phone Location to Suggest Friends

All sorts of acquaintances appear on the “People You May Know” section of Facebook: there’s the person you went on one Tinder date with, the friend you know deleted you after Brexit and, now it seems, the person you walked past on the street. – Telegraph

Twitter New Stickers Snapchat Filters for Tweets

Filters are one of Snapchat’s most ingenious features. They let you take an otherwise-boring photo or video (you talking to the camera) and make it amazing (you talking to the camera with rainbows shooting out of your mouth!). No wonder everyone’s now trying to capture some of that same magic in their own app. First Facebook bought MSQRD, and added its many masks and filters to its live video; now Twitter’s adding Stickers, which is a clever mash-up of all Snapchat’s filters into a single place. – Wired

Pinterest Acquires Team Behind Influencer Curated Shopping App

Pinterest today said it was acquiring the team behind tote, a shopping app that highlights products suggested by fashion influencers and friends. The tote founders are joining Pinterest’s growth and monetization team. This isn’t the only talent acquisition Pinterest has made even this month as well: Just last week, Pinterest acquired the team behind the custom keyboard app Fleksy. While Pinterest said it wouldn’t immediately shut down Fleksy, the tote app will be sunset. This appears to be a pretty small acquihire, but it means Pinterest is still open to spending money on talent. – TechCrunch

Tumblr Live Streaming Partnership with YouTube

Tumblr is getting into live-streaming — but don’t worry, it isn’t launching yet another live-streaming platform. Instead, Tumblr will integrate with existing platforms, starting with YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas, and Upclose. Soon you’ll be able to share a live stream from any of those apps directly to a Tumblr blog, even sending out alerts to the account’s followers, who’ll be able to watch from right within Tumblr’s website or app. – The Verge

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Laura Forester
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