McDonald’s, Unilever and Gatorade among the first to run Snapchat API campaigns

McDonald’s, Unilever and Gatorade are among the first advertisers to purchase Snapchat ads via third parties in what appears to be a test of the app’s programmatic potential. Rather than rush to explore that potential, the mobile messaging app is carefully testing automated ads with a select number of brands. These include Gatorade and Nissan in the US, both of which are buying ads via 4C, while McDonald’s is purchasing inventory in Australia through Brand Networks. – The Drum

A.I. and Ad Agencies: Bringing Cognitive Intelligence to Clients

It’s a pivotal moment for technology and marketing. These two industries have collided to augment and even build worlds from scratch, telling comprehensive and compelling stories. Yet one of the most astounding and useful advances comes not from a new type of virtual reality but in how marketers soon will be able to analyze the most sophisticated tool around: the human mind. – AdAge

Why LinkedIn Matters to Marketing

Did you know that LinkedIn now has more than 450 million members worldwide? Or that two new users sign up to the platform every second? These are just a couple of the data points included in this new infographic from Webpage FX which outlines why all brands should consider LinkedIn as a potential outreach option. – Social Media Today

Twitter Adds New Periscope Display Option for Twitter Profiles

If you wanted to watch Periscope content on a bigger screen – even if that screen was just your PC – the new Periscope options will make it easier to do so. So while mobile is the key platform of focus more broadly, it seems that Periscope is looking to provide new viewing options to broaden the potential of their offering. – Social Media Today

Why Insider is betting on Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat

Many publishers have been busy building up Snapchat content teams, but Business Insider’s distributed arm, known as simply Insider, is focused more on Instagram. Read why. – DIGIDAY

Laura Forester
Laura Forester
Senior Social Media & PR Strategist

Laura is responsible for developing and executing channel initiatives for a number of national and local brands. Her approach to content and digital strategy reflects a desire to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to publishing. She also supports the team in more traditional communications efforts, as well. Laura has 10 years of experience working with local and regional clients and media outlets in consumer and corporate accounts for boutique and top-tier creative agencies both regionally and globally. She has excellent planning and organization skills and a fearless commitment to creative results. Her positive outlook keeps her department smiling and motivated. Laura is a graduate of George Washington University with degrees in English and Philosophy. She also holds a Masters from Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland.