Snapchat Adds APIs, Offers Self-Serve Option For Ad Buyers

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. added partners to its Ads and Custom Audience Match APIs and introduced a new API category for Creative. It also did something marketers have been wanting for a while: letting them license Ad Partners’ tech for self-serve buys. Before the update, buyers could only purchase Snap Ads via a managed service, which was basically an insertion order sent to a Snapchat Ads partner who would manage and execute the buy. The update lets buyers license partner technology and manage those buys in-house. – AdExchanger

Facebook Expands ‘Safety Check’ To Help People Find Food, Shelter And Transport After Crisis

Facebook’s “Safety Check” tool, which lets users mark themselves as safe after a disaster or crisis, has been activated hundreds of times since its launch about three years ago. However, starting on shortly, Facebook is making the feature available for another purpose: Helping users access food, shelter, transportation, baby supplies, toiletries, equipment and other resources after a crisis. The new tool, called “Community Help,” lets people message other Facebook users directly to find or offer aid, and the posts are organized by location and category of request. – Forbes

Twitter’s Long Overdue Anti-Abuse Tools Join a Welcome Trend

Twitter said it plans to keep banned users from creating multiple new accounts via a combination of human and algorithmic intervention. It will introduce a “safe search” feature that hides sensitive content from search results. (Users can choose to opt out.) It will hide “low-quality” @-responses so users don’t get incessantly pinged with abusive tweets. – Wired

Pinterest introduces Lens, a Shazam for objects in the real world!

Pinterest today introduced Lens, a new visual search tool that uses machine vision to detect objects in the real world and suggest related items on the service. Lens, which is now in beta, is a tool inside the Pinterest mobile app that functions as a kind of Shazam for objects. Point it at food, furniture, or even the night sky, and Pinterest will return objects that it believes are related. – The Verge

Laura Forester
Laura Forester
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