Facebook Just Changed the Mobile Web Landscape With Header Bidding
Facebook just executed what might best be described as a digital advertising coup against rival Google and its DoubleClick Empire. The social media power recently said that it’s bringing advertiser demand from its Audience Network to mobile web publishers that use header bidding.
– AdAge

Google Sets YouTube Safety Policies As Disturbing Internet Content Grows
The recent changes in Google’s brand safety policies mean stricter guidelines and more controls for advertisers on YouTube. Google recently said that it would change the default settings for ads so they serve up on content that meets higher levels of brand safety and only serve up against “legitimate creators” in its Partner Program. The plan means that there will be new account-level controls, which make it easier for advertisers to exclude specific sites and channels from all their AdWords for Video and Google Display Network campaigns. The changes will also make it easier for brands to exclude high-risk content and provide more control on where the ads appear. – Media Post

Why Big Data Requires Marketers to Think Small
It’s unarguably true that big data sources and technologies are hugely powerful in examining markets, in planning how to address audiences with more effective and efficient targeting, and within evaluation and effectiveness assessment regimes. However, while conducted mechanically, with data leading marketing increasingly sophisticated marketing tools lead to increasingly crude and clumsy marketing programs.Big data sources and big data techniques will not remove the need for imagination and creativity in marketing. They will raise the bar. – Marketing Tech

Abbi Nicolella
Abbi Nicolella
Digital Strategist

With over five years of experience, Abbi Nicolella has a proven track record leading strategic and integrated marketing Initiatives that deliver measurable success. She is passionate about driving business results for brands by capitalizing on user behavior and consumption habits, particularly surrounding new and emerging technology. During her time in the industry, Abbi has worked with clients such as The Art Institutes, Grove City College, UPMC, Dunkin Brands, Rite Aid Pharmacy, The Pennsylvania Lottery, Cooper Tires, Andy Warhol Museum, Centria, PPG Accu-Tab, and ASPEX.