Pinterest Announces Ability to Search Any Image on the Web for Related Pins

Last month, the platform announced their new Pinterest Lens tool, which enables users to search Pinterest for related items and ideas based on real world examples, captured on their phone. Now, Pinterest is looking to extend that visual search capacity to the web more broadly, with a new browser extension which enables you to search for related Pins based on any image on any website. It’s another way for Pinterest to expand its search capacity – and given that there are already two billion searches conducted on the platform every month, and Pinners come to the network with higher purchase intent than users on other platforms, the potential value-add for Pinterest users is significant. – Social Media Today

Instagram Stories adds geostickers, another Snapchat feature clone

Instagram is continuing its relentless assault on Snapchat with its addition of geostickers to Instagram Stories. The stickers work just like the Snapchat stickers do, giving users unique illustrations to represent the area they are in. Currently rolling out in limited markets, these new geostickers are being added into Instagram Stories’ current lineup of stickers, and will be accessible to Instagram users worldwide with the latest 10.11 update. – Digital Trends

Twitter’s Moments get their own analytics

Twitter Moments, Twitter’s own take on short-form content told as a series of connected tweets, are getting their own analytics. This will allow Moments’ creators to track how well their content is working on Twitter, by offering details on opens, likes, shares and more. The idea is that this data will aid in crafting better-performing Moments in the future. – TechCrunch

Inside Facebook’s pitch for entertainment content

Facebook is working on a feature which would spotlight original shows and other exclusive long-form content on its mobile and TV apps. The feature, described as a “spotlight module” during its meetings with potential content partners, would be prominently placed inside the video tab on Facebook’s mobile app. It would feature about half a dozen or so video series for a period of 24 hours, only to refresh the section with another crop of videos the following day. This module would contain original series funded by Facebook as well as content financed by media partners who Facebook has exclusively licensed for a certain amount of time, sources said. (Facebook has already started to experiment with featuring certain types of content that it thinks people would want to watch inside the video tab.)

“The idea is that this would bring a lot of traffic and attention and [as a result] a lot of revenue via ad breaks,” said one source pitched by Facebook. – Digiday

Caroline Toplak
Caroline Toplak
Director of Social Media & PR

Caroline is an innovator and leader in social media and PR. Author to countless social media focused marketing plans for clients, she consistently leads the creation of inventive and effective content. As a PR/Social senior account executive with MARC USA, she oversaw management of all Rite Aid social properties and generated social following and high engagements in successful cross-platform campaigns. She was an asset to Brunner’s communications planning team as Associate Director of Social Media where her cross-departmental collaboration ensured all agency products adhered to the most compelling social media strategies and techniques. At SBA, Caroline is leading social strategies for Pinnacle brands including Duncan Hines, Vlasic, Wish-Bone, Hungry-Man, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Smart Balance, Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast and Bird’s Eye. Previously, Caroline has served My M&M’s, Huffy Bicycles, Mitsubishi Electric, Yellawood, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Rite Aid and Shurtech (Duck Tape).