Behaviors, Emotions and Moments: A New Approach to Audience Targeting

“While translating a target audience simply into a demographic may have been suitable in an offline world, their true effectiveness in the digital world is limited at best. Because the digital world thinks audience first, not media first. Grouping online audiences by demo produces very narrow targets that do not necessarily represent a brand’s most productive audience. Dropping targeting altogether is equally likely to produce waste. Instead, the answer lies in a productive middle ground between mass reach and segmentation targeting, where more productive audience models can be built based on Behaviors, Emotions and Moments. BEM targeting can identify consumers moving into a consideration phase and speak to them directly with relevant messages. The results can be dramatic. Brand preference and purchase intent lift can nearly double when compared to traditional demographic targeting.” – Ad Age

Discount Shopping App Ibotta Opens Its In-Store Sales Visibility To CPGs

“The mobile app Ibotta, which offers users cash back on purchases from retail and brand partners, is turning its receipt verification system into an in-store attribution tool by leveraging its extensive purchase data across its 20 million users. The service has been pilot-tested by 15 CPG brands, including Del Monte, and integrated with cross-device ad platform Drawbridge. Ibotta’s data stream can also provide insights beyond attribution. By matching ad exposures to Del Monte products captured from customers’ receipts, the company could also split out which audience segments performed best or which stores or times of day generated more sales.” – Ad Exchanger

Ad Costs May Vary for Fast Food and Retailers for xAd’s Location Data Model

“Advertisers have utilized location data firms such as Placed, NinthDecimal and Arrivalist to verify whether people visited stores, restaurants, or auto dealerships. Now, a digital ad firm, xAd, went another step by introducing a unique ad payment model that charges advertisers only if people showed up in a business location. Applebee’s and The Home Depot are the first to try the new ad model, and several advertisers will launch cost-per-visit campaigns in the coming weeks.”  – Ad Age

AR Upstarts Paint Picture Of Technology’s Location-based Potential At SXSW

“Upstart vendors at this year’s SXSW Conference and Festivals showcased the horizons where AR might help mobile marketers better make the connection between digital and physical efforts. Movers in the AR space must continue to innovate to push past the gimmicky label and convince consumers of the technology’s sustained value. Analysts at the International Data Corporation forecast that AR could be “on track to create a shift in computing significant enough to rival the smartphone,” with the qualifier that AR is very much in its ‘infancy’ and has a ‘long runway’ before reaching mass adoption. Part of the technology’s acceleration is currently being hindered by cookie-cutter approaches that don’t utilize AR’s unique strengths. Technology alone won’t be enough to draw in large audiences, but if it enhances an experience people already enjoy or gives people a reason/incentive to engage, more users will participate.” – Mobile Marketer

Optimize your Ads with Split Testing

“Facebook has introduced Split Testing, which allows advertisers to simply and accurately test different components of their ad across devices and browsers and provides easy-to-understand results. With Split Testing, advertisers now can run controlled tests without audience overlap when they run ads with a website conversion, lead generation or mobile app install objective. Facebook has found that split tests produce strategies with a median 14% improvement in CPA.” – Facebook

Sibel Trice
Sibel Trice
Director of Digital Insights

Sibel has more than a decade’s hands on experience in digital media strategy, planning and measurement across a range of disciplines including display, programmatic, mobile, social, digital video, search, native and branded content, cross platform integrations, custom partnerships and sponsorships. Sibel started her career in media planning in NYC at OMD working on the Johnson & Johnson skincare accounts. Although she began her journey in traditional media, her love of data and interest in the growing digital space moved her quickly to the digital team. With ties to both disciplines, she was instrumental in integrating digital and traditional media programs and testing different emerging media platforms. For the following few years, Sibel worked at T-3 building digital media strategies on JP Morgan Chase, Marriott Hotels and MSN. She was influential in building T-3’s digital media teams in the New York office and started the Search department for the company. Since then, Sibel worked with several large agencies in NYC, leading digital brand strategy and measurement for major brands such as Welch’s, Arm & Hammer, Oxiclean, Trojan, First Response, Nair, Spinbrush, Kohl’s, Bausch + Lomb and Sony.

Prior to her media career, Sibel worked as the marketing manager at Arkadas, the Authorized Replicator of Microsoft Software in Turkey. There she directed marketing activities across cultures in more than 20 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Sibel grew up in Ankara, Turkey and graduated with a B.S. in Economics at Middle East Technical University. She moved to New York in 2001 to pursue her MBA (in Marketing) and graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from Baruch College (Zicklin School of Business). A leap of faith brought her family to Pittsburgh a year ago where they plan to raise their growing twins, accepting they will be die-hard Steelers fans.