Domino’s Just Made Pizza Ordering 1,000 Times Geekier With Its Coolest Innovation to Date

Domino’s continues to innovate in the digital space, building on their AnyWare program that lets you order on devices and platforms like Twitter, Alexa, and smart watches. A partnership with free web service IFTTT (short for If This, Then That) enables users to plug into the Domino’s Tracker, which updates you on the status of your order, to trigger events on connected devices and systems. Examples go from sending SMS messages to your family when your order hits the oven to turning on your front porch light for the driver once your order is out for delivery. – Ad Week

Houzz adds a basic AR mode to its iOS apps to help you shop for furniture

Tremendous focus on the future of virtual reality, or VR, has lead some of us to forget about the incredible capabilities of another futuristic reality – AR. Home improvement inspiration site Houzz just launched an augmented reality feature in its app that will allow users to virtually “place” products from the site into your living space in 3D with your phone’s camera. – TechCrunch

IAS Bows Viewability Measurement Capability

Integral Ad Science, an ad tech firm best known for providing brand safety, fraud prevention, and viewability measures for digital advertisers, is partnering with a group of Fortune 500 companies to try and establish the impact of ad frequency and viewable exposure time on consumers. The aim of the program is to attempt to find the right balance of viewability, reach, and frequency to influence consumer behavior. – MediaPost

Hulu officially launches its live TV service at $39.99 per month

Hulu continues to be a major player in the disruption of linear TV with a new live TV product that starts at $39.99/month and includes the full Hulu streaming library. Hulu with Live TV will be available on Xbox, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and Chromecast with plans to expand to other platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The company also announced a “t-commerce” ad unit that will serve interactive, localized overlays in ads that will allow consumers to engage with ad content. – TechCrunch

Alex Davis
Alex Davis
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