Facebook Lets Content Owners Claim Ad Earnings of Pirated Videos

Facebook finally has a better solution to freebooting — the common practice of stealing video and uploading it to one’s Facebook Page to reap the engagement and audience growth. Today’s update to the Facebook Rights Manager tool that launched last year includes the new option to “claim ad earnings” on other people’s uploads of a video you own. This way if an infringing video includes a new mid-roll ad break Facebook is testing, the revenue will be sent to the content’s owner instead of the uploader who stole it. – TechCrunch

Twitter Is About To Announce A Live 24-7 News Channel

The WSJ is reporting that Bloomberg will fund and launch a 24-hour news channel specifically for Twitter. While I thought I would see this on Facebook before I saw it on Twitter, it does feel like the right time and Bloomberg is a smart cookie for taking the plunge. Success is not guaranteed though, there are pitfalls with Twitter and news at the moment. Trust is at an all-time low for the media and Twitter growth – despite good growth in Q1 – is still floundering. However, co-Founder Biz Stone recently calling for a “new era of trust”, this might just be step one of many for Twitter becoming the go-to network for truth. – Forbes

Pinterest to Start Its First U.S. Advertising Campaign

Why join yet another social network? That’s the question keeping people from signing up for Pinterest, according to Chief Executive Officer Ben Silbermann. Except they have the wrong impression. Pinterest is a site for coming up with ideas, he says. People do post photos and videos, but it’s not to get likes or comments — it’s to remember what inspires them.

Exclusive insights on technology around the world. This summer, Pinterest is launching its first major advertising campaign in the U.S. It’s considering spending on billboards, websites, newspapers and magazines to get its message across. – Bloomberg

Laura Forester
Laura Forester
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