Augmented Reality Is Coming To Banner Ads

“…this is about giving digital display advertising a ‘new lease of life,’” says Danny Lopez, the chief operations officer at Blippar. The London-based startup is responsible for bringing the industry’s first augmented-reality digital ad unit to life. Currently working with automotive brands, the tech company is slated to launch mobile banner ads, that when clicked, would swap out the user’s screen for the inside of a car. The AR experience could also allow the user to explore the interior of the vehicle by moving their phone, and with permission, access the phone’s camera to display real-life surroundings through the virtual windshield and windows. Surprisingly, mobile banner ads with the AR tech built-in are relatively cost-effective at around $4 per 1,000 impressions, compared to the typical $7-8 CPM of rich media ads. – Forbes

Snapchat Launching Self-Serve Ad Platform, New TV-like Content and (Maybe) Spectacles 2.0

Media buyers, rejoice! Digital strategists, start planning! Purchasing ads on Snapchat just got a lot more convenient. Better late than never, Snapchat is rolling out a self-serve ad management platform that will allow anyone to access and utilize their advertising options. Included in the platform will be an ads manager, mobile dashboard, and business manager. The company is also doing away with minimum spend, but will rather assess campaign budgets on an individual basis and provide a corresponding reach projection. There’s also buzz swirling about a potential 2.0 version of the popular eyewear tech, Spectacles. A new version of the specs is anticipated to include an AR overlay with image recognition capabilities. This type of technology could lead to triggered ads that respond to real world inputs, such as detecting a coffee cup and then offering the user a discount on coffee beans. – Social Media Today

Facebook wants to unveil its big attack on TV next month – here’s what we know

Following suit behind the Netflix, Amazon, and Snapchat’s of the world, Facebook has unveiled plans to produce and release original, TV-like content. The shows would include some longer, big-budget shows as well as some shorter, less expensive but more frequent shows. Facebook’s foray into original content is an attempt to retain young users who have been jumping ship to other social networks such as Snapchat. It’s also an opportunity to grow revenue, as the company hopes to absorb some of the ad dollars brands typically save for traditional TV buys. – Business Insider

Brittany Snyder
Brittany Snyder
Media Analyst

A media immersed digital marketer, Brittany has been creating and executing digital media plans for clients for 4+ years, and has experience on both the publisher and agency sides of the trade. During her time at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she helped to introduce digital marketing solutions to the advertising product set, leading to the creation of an in-house media agency and a resurgence of the department. Not only did she help to market and grow the new digital offerings, but she also executed and managed campaigns across several mediums for a wide array of business verticals. At MARC USA, Brittany lead the digital media buying efforts for DePaul University and the Pennsylvania Lottery and served as the agency’s expert in affiliate marketing for the Rite Aid and Payless Shoesource brands. Since starting at Smith Brothers Agency, Brittany has enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the CPG industry and having the opportunity to work on exciting brands such as Duncan Hines, Nescafe, Primanti Brothers, AvoDerm Natural, and MSA.