Instagram is testing a way for users to share posts, stories with their ‘favorites’

“Instagram is testing a Favorites feature, which allows users to designate a group of friends to share posts and Stories with. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said it is also testing what a spokesperson called a ‘lightweight profile refresh,’ simplifying and organizing its features without changing how the application works. Instagram called the Favorites test “an initial test with a small percentage of users.” – Adweek 


Linkedin adds extra insights to ‘profile views’ data, including keywords used to find you

LinkedIn has announced some new tools to help users get a better understanding of who’s viewing their profile—and ideally, in addition to total profile and article views on the platform, you’ll also soon be able to see how many of those views came as a result of search. The new insights will also expand upon the existing data on where your profile visitors work, while there’s also a new element that displays the exact search terms people used to find you.” – SocialMediaToday


Facebook brings new masks, filters and reactions to Messenger video chat

“Facebook is bringing a ton of new filters, masks, and video reactions to video chats in Messenger, aiming to deliver a more fun experience to younger users on the app and shore up the service against competing video chat apps. Video reactions will allow you to choose one of the Facebook reaction emojis and bring up custom video filters that share your joy, anger, sadness, and more. Additionally, the service is introducing stylistic filters that can give your video footage a different color hue or lighting type. Facebook is bringing some new augmented reality masks to video chats, allowing users a greater depth of variety in what exactly they can become onscreen.” – TechCrunch


Facebook’s testing a new option to add text to cover photos on pages

Facebook’s testing out a new option which enables Page managers to add embedded text to their cover photos. The test has actually been in circulation with selected Pages for a couple of weeks, but seems to have been ramped up recently, with more reports of the text option showing up. What benefits the cover text provides are unclear at this stage, though if it’s rolled out more widely, it could become a new Facebook SEO factor, a means to help sort Page relevance and connect you to what you’re seeking. But then again, it may serve no technical purpose at all—it could just be another way to add something extra to your Page to better describe what it is you do, in a spot more immediately visible to users than your ‘About’ page, or a place to include a mission statement to help communicate your purpose.” – SocialMediaToday

Alex Rizza
Alex Rizza
Senior Social Media & PR Strategist