Facebook Helps You Celebrate Birthdays with Videos and Fundraising

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook’s birthday-centric features or not, it’s still handy to know when your buddy’s next celebration day is so you can mark the occasion. Facebook has just added two more ways to celebrate: fundraisers and personalized videos for your close friends. Now when your birthday is two weeks out, you’ll get a message with the chance to raise some funds for one of the 750,000 US nonprofit organizations on the platform. Simply add your friends’ names and they’ll be invited to donate in honor of the day of your birth. When it’s time for your buddy’s birthday, you can now send them a personalized video, made by Facebook. Just like last year’s friendship videos, birthday videos will pull together images and videos of your friend and add them to colorful little animated scenes. – Engadget


Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings Will Now Include Facebook, Hulu and YouTube Video Views

Nielsen is giving media publishers and marketers more confidence that videos, and the ads associated with them, will be tracked more accurately across various internet platforms. The measurement service announced that it will count video views on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube. Clients who opt in to the service will receive credit for views of videos distributed on Facebook and YouTube, while Hulu will provide select media partners with data on some of the content currently hosted on the streaming platform. Nielsen hopes this addition will demonstrate the true breadth of a publisher’s audience. – AdWeek


Snapchat “Crowd Surf” Stitches Together Everyone’s Concert Videos

Snapchat’s got a new trick to stay one step ahead of Instagram by turning everyone’s quick video clips from concerts into a much more watchable music video you control. Snapchat “Crowd Surf” uses artificial intelligence machine learning technology to analyze when lots of people are all recording the same musical performance at the same time. It can then lace together the different angles while keeping the song playing smoothly so you can choose where to watch from and see more than 10 seconds of footage in a row. – TechCrunch


Instagram Begins Organizing Comments Into Threads

Instagram comments will now be organized into threads, just as they are on parent company Facebook. Starting today, replying to a comment on Instagram will begin a new thread, which should make conversations easy to follow. The feature will roll out globally on Android and iOS “in the coming weeks,” Instagram said. – The Verge

Lindsay Motta
Lindsay Motta
Senior Social Media and PR Strategist

Lindsay is a digital marketer with over 5 years of experience in managing social strategy and campaigns for CPG, entertainment and e-retail clients. She comes to Smith Brothers from VaynerMedia in New York City, where she led insight-driven, integrated marketing campaigns with a focus on social for several clients, including Sour Patch Kids and HALLS Cough Drops. Highlights of her career include planning a real-time, hyper-targeted paid Facebook campaign using sickness-tracking data to drive purchase intent for HALLS, launching the first Mondelez brand on Snapchat, and executing an influencer marketing program live from the Teen Choice 2015 red carpet. Lindsay holds a M.S. in Communications from Columbia University, and a B.A. in Journalism, Advertising and PR from Duquesne University.