SnapChat Brings Bitmoji to Real World
Snapchat’s World Lens feature applies filters intelligently to the world around you using augmented reality and your smartphone’s camera, and now the app is adding support for Bitmoji to the feature. This means you can take those animated avatars of yourself and drop them into your surroundings. We just can’t get enough! – TechCrunch

Audio on Instagram Auto-Play Videos Now Works a Little Differently:

Instagram quietly introduced a tweak to the way it presents auto-play videos. Prior to the change, all videos on the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network automatically defaulted to no sound, regardless of the settings on the devices they were being viewed on. Instagram Stories were the exception, as they followed device settings. Users who wanted to hear sounds on videos would only get audio on the video that they turned on the volume for, and if they wanted to view subsequent videos with sound, they would have to turn on the audio for each video. Now, if an Instagram user opts to turn on the sound for a video he or she is watching, the sound will remain on for all subsequent videos—organic and ads—in the Instagram feed, Explore, Stories and users’ profiles during that session. – AdWeek

Krishnan Joins Twitter to Work on Product

Twitter has hired Sriram Krishnan, a former ad tech executive from Facebook and Snap, but he won’t be working on ads. Krishnan, who left Snap earlier this year, just a month before the company’s IPO, is joining Twitter as senior director of product. That means he’ll be responsible for a lot of the core features inside the main app, internally referred to as “Bluebird,” including timeline, direct messaging and search. – Recode

Laura Forester
Laura Forester
Senior Social Media & PR Strategist

Laura is responsible for developing and executing channel initiatives for a number of national and local brands. Her approach to content and digital strategy reflects a desire to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to publishing. She also supports the team in more traditional communications efforts, as well. Laura has 10 years of experience working with local and regional clients and media outlets in consumer and corporate accounts for boutique and top-tier creative agencies both regionally and globally. She has excellent planning and organization skills and a fearless commitment to creative results. Her positive outlook keeps her department smiling and motivated. Laura is a graduate of George Washington University with degrees in English and Philosophy. She also holds a Masters from Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland.