Facebook Optimizing Family-First Feeds

Zuckerberg kicked off 2018 by announcing major changes coming to Facebook’s feed and messenger. The platform is redesigning its algorithm to favor content and updates provided by friends and family, and overall commitments to provide more meaningful real-time engagements and conversations. The algorithm also downplays news and organic page posts as a second tier, bringing a new set of challenges for advertisers and reporters. – Fortune


YouTube Joins the Dark Side

Once a hidden feature, YouTube officially enabled dark mode as a permanent feature on the platform. This update comes in handy for not only saving battery life, but also easier on the eyes for its users. However minor in application, this has been a highly requested feature by frequent YouTubers for years. – The Verge


In-Store Consumer Tracking Courtesy of Adobe

Adobe Labs is currently testing a grocery store app that could provide customers with real time savings alerts through tracking foot-traffic activity in store, bridging the gap between online and offline retail. Historical shopping data and behavior can be tracked within the app, providing customer with personalized savings and recommendations before leaving the store. The software is equipped with movement sensing technology which not only recognizes the consumers location in the store, but also if they are waiting in line at check out or the deli counter. It also alerts when inventories of a favorite product are low and any other insider issues. – Ad Week


Follow #hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is now enabling its users to follow their favorite hashtags beyond the search bar. The activity feed will be incorporated into the algorithm of your current platform feed, providing highlights filtered to your interests and additional recommendations to follow. So go on, and close this window and follow #DogsOfInstagram as your heart desires. – Forbes

Marisa Corona
Marisa Corona
Associate Social Media & PR Strategist

Born and raised in the ‘Burgh, Marisa is proud to collaborate with the SBA team as an associate strategist. She’s a social marketing specialist (and enthusiast) passionate about dynamic storytelling. Daily efforts include managing social media communities, as well as assisting with efficient strategies and reporting for a number of local, national, and global accounts. She holds a B.A. in Advocacy Media and Corporate Communication from Seton Hill University.