Smith Brothers has been named agency of record for Dum-Dums, following a review. The #1 selling lollipop brand is owned by the Spangler Candy Company, a 4th generation family-run business founded in Bryan, Ohio in 1906.

“We were looking for an agency that would align with our values. Smith Brothers brought a shared vision, coupled with the creativity to help us accelerate our growth,“ said Evan Brock, Spangler’s Director of Marketing.

The agency will begin by conducting research and developing a brand-building campaign for Dum-Dums. Initial work will debut later this year.

“We love the intrinsic joy of Dum-Dums, and the powerful nostalgia it elicits. We’re excited to amplify the passion consumers already have for this classic brand, while finding new ways to help Dum-Dums remain fresh and relevant for new generations,” said Michael Bollinger, President of Smith Brothers.

About Spangler Candy

Spangler Candy Company has been family owned and operated in Bryan, Ohio since 1906. It is one of the largest lollipop producers in the world and the only major candy cane producer in the United States. Other products include Saf-T-Pops® and Spangler Circus Peanuts. For more information, visit www.spanglercandy.com.

Smith Brothers
Smith Brothers

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