Smith Brothers Agency is delighted to announce the promotion of Karen Ziska to Chief Financial Officer.

“Karen is a foundational component of our leadership and this C-level promotion recognizes that role and her impact on the agency” said agency president, Michael Bollinger.

Karen joined the agency in 2003 as an accountant with deep experience in manufacturing businesses but having never worked in an advertising agency before. She was one of the agency’s first four employees, hired by agency founders, Bronson and Lindsey Smith. All of those first four employees are still with the agency serving in key roles in creative, account management and of course, finance.

“Like most good creative thinkers, Karen is very facile at dealing with ambiguity. Nobody here handed her a playbook. She just jumped right in and built our financial systems. She proactively seeks out potential problems before they can occur. Many a great creative agency has lost clients due to weak financial oversight. We enjoy the creative freedom of knowing Karen is meticulously managing our finances.”

While financial acumen is core to Karen’s function, it is her people skills that distinguish her impact and elevate her to this role. Unlike her prior manufacturing employers, Smith Brothers’ assets are predominantly its people. Karen sets an example for the entire agency team in positive attitude, work ethic and loyalty.

Co-founder Bronson Smith said, “Most any business leader will tell you the biggest key to success is hiring great people. I’m forever grateful we had the good sense to hire Karen 16 years ago. And I look forward to her steady hand in guiding the next chapter of our agency’s evolution.”

Smith Brothers
Smith Brothers

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