Kristen Herrmann
Kristen Herrmann
Graphic Designer

Kristen is a designer working in both digital and print mediums for Smith Brothers Agency. This is her first job as a professional designer, so she really doesn't have a long list of prior experience. Although only owning two cats, she has somehow become the agency's resident cat lady. She does, however, love most furry and cute animals.

Kristen loves typography, and some of her hobbies include practicing lettering and calligraphy. She also loves making things of the culinary, textile, and fermented nature and will do so whenever possible. Her guilty pleasure is playing too many video games. She also reads a lot, and will often start multiple books at the same time. She does not recommend this reading strategy. It gets confusing.

During her time at SBA, Kristen has had the chance to work on several Nestle brands including Dolce Gusto, Drumstick, and Skinny Cow; Smucker's brands including truRoots and Santa Cruz Organic; and regional brands such as Kings Family Restaurants and Primanti Bros. (Plus she helps out here and there with many other projects that come through the agency because she’s just that good.)

"She has somehow become the agency's resident cat lady"